SilvaRam Academy

A football coaching agency for youth players.

The Branding

SilvaRam academy needed a full brand package, a colour scheme was agreed up to and a logo was created, this logo was used across all platforms as well as business cards and coaches uniform.

The company name came from a combination of the owners names Silva and Ramzy combined to make SilvaRam.

The logo was designed as a descriptive image of the name, so a silver ram was created.

The design of the website was mainly built around the idea of it being a brochure for the business.

The Build

The website was built with a brochure layout in mind, the site contains all the relevant information that the visitors would be looking for with a clear call to actions taking the visitor to the contact page so they can set up a call or booking.

The site was built on a new TLD (top level domain) so instead of .com the domain ends with .agency. The reason this was chosen was because the .com domain was taken.

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