Trivia Ninja

Provides the best facts, quotes, quizzes, and jokes that the internet has to offer.

The Design

Trivia ninja adopts the minimalistic approach to web design making it a very easy website to navigate.

The website has two main functions, its blog feature, and the audiobook section.

The blog was designed to be very clean and uncluttered which plays towards driving focus to the content.

The audiobook pages were designed to draw focus to the main aspects of the audiobook that is being advertised with clear call to actions directing to the download page.

The Build

The main traffic flow for Trivia Ninja comes from social media which is usually accessed via mobile, for that reason the site was built to be lightweight with very fast loading times.

The site is built using the most used CMS on the internet, WordPress.
The CMS has a very easy learning curve making it a good choice as the site owners regularly upload new content.

Social Setup

Trivia Ninja is integrated with a state of the art social media posting addon.

The addon allows you to connect your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts and schedule content to post on the platforms at regular intervals which helps grow their social presents and also helps drive traffic to the website.

The addon also has the capability to reach out to other social pages and drop them a message which helps with networking.