Oxford WetnWild

An aqua park on a lake located in Oxfordshire.

The Build

The site was inherited from another agency, the framework was dated and was badly optimised.

The first step we took was to make it very easy to navigate to the booking page from where ever you are on the site. Clear CTA’s in the form on buttons were added to the menu for quick access.

Most of the traffic to the site comes from mobile so a navigation bar was added to the bottom of the page for mobile, much like you see in apps. The most vital information is available to mobile users without awkward hand stretching to the top of the screen.


The website was optimised for specific keywords such as “Oxford Aqua Park” and “fun things to do in oxford” which they rank highly for.

The website was both optimized onsite and off site, onsite the content was optimized and the images were scaled to keep quality but held small file sizes, off site citations were added to multiple places to help with google map rankings.

Backlinks were added to help with SERP rankings so the site outranked the competitors.


Images and videos were taken of the aqua park and a gallery of images were created with specified sizes for each platform along with some small video adverts.

These assets are currently being used to drive traffic to the social media pages and the booking section of the website.

Custom audiences were made using data collected on the website and through social media.  The audiences target potential customers of specific age ranges within a specific location and some other advanced choices.